Cheesy Vegetable and Potato Casserole

Gooey, cheesy goodness is not usually something you associate with vegan food. And I know I always figured I could never eat a casserole again (the cheese, the milk, the cream, the eggs, the etc.)

But, of course, I was wrong. With the right ingredients, anything is possible.

This recipe was inspired by Go Dairy Free, who tweeted a simple Cheesy Potato Casserole recipe the other day. I wanted something that would last for most of the week, but I didn’t want just potatoes. So I added some vegetables and voila!

For vegan cheese, I used Vegan Gourmet’s mozzarella flavor. It melts (hooray!) and I recommend it in anything that calls for cheese–even just microwaved on a wrap for a simple cheesy snack. It does contain soy, though. So if you avoid soy, this product isn’t for you. I try not to buy it all the time, just every once in a while. If you don’t eat soy, but want to try this recipe, try using a package of Daiya Vegan Cheese, which is soy-free.

I originally used five medium potatoes, and ended up having to use two baking dishes (one large, one small). I’ve recalculated for the blog, so the ingredients listed here should fit in one 9×11 baking dish.


4 small-medium yukon gold potatoes

1/2 cup Vegenaise

1 package soy cheese, chopped

Dash sea salt

1 small head broccoli, chopped,

1 green pepper chopped

1 red pepper, chopped

2 sticks celery, chopped


1. Boil potatoes.  When cooked, drain in a colander.  Place in a greased oven-proof baking dish and mash.

2. Add 1/2 cup Vegenaise.  Add chopped soy cheese.  Sprinkle with sea salt to taste and mix.

3. Add the chopped peppers, celery and broccoli, and mix. Sprinkle with some Daiya Vegan Cheese.

4. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until browning starts. Enjoy! Best when served hot. Rewarm as necessary.


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4 Comments on “Cheesy Vegetable and Potato Casserole”

  1. alliegavette
    10/27/2010 at 10:28 am #

    mmmm! this looks so tasty! 🙂

  2. 10/27/2010 at 11:52 am #

    Casserole perfection. This looks amazingly delicious!!!!

  3. 07/27/2011 at 5:05 am #

    this looks amazing! is there a way to avoid Vegenaise? or a substitute? we have a soy allergy but this looks like something my son would actually love (picky eater)

    • 07/27/2011 at 1:45 pm #

      I’m not sure if there’s a store-bought substitute for Vegenaise that’s soy-free. On Google I’ve only found homemade recipes for a soy-free vegan mayonnaise. This link ( is a recipe for a rice-milk-based soy-free vegan mayonnaise, and this link ( has a list of recipes you could try. And if you make this casserole, be sure to use a soy-free vegan cheese, like Daiya. I’ve never just used Daiya to make this casserole, but then half the fun of cooking is experimentation, especially with a limited diet.

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