Restaurant Pasta: Pastini Pastaria

Pasta pasta pasta. Italian food was always a favorite of mine. And usually I steer clear of any Italian restaurants, since finding gluten-free dishes there is usually impossible.

However, I’m happy to be wrong. I recently discovered the restaurant Pastini Pastaria, which serves gluten-free pasta (brown rice based) in two shapes, penne and spaghetti.

I visited the Pastini’s in Bridgeport Village (Tigard) the week before New Year’s with a group of friends, resigned to ordering a salad. But during the seating wait, I was pleasantly surprised to discover they offered gluten-free pasta substituted at no extra cost.

The restaurant even has a page on its website about its gluten-free options. It says gluten-free pasta options are available in the Portland, Bend and Corvallis locations — and from personal experience I know that the Tigard (Bridgeport Village) restaurant also offers gluten-free pasta options. So if you live in Oregon don’t be afraid to go out and eat restaurant gluten-free pasta!

I had the basic spaghetti with meatballs, and it was really delicious. The gluten-free spaghetti was thin and lighter than the kind I usually buy at the store. I’ll definitely go there again.

Here’s the basic menu. I’m sure some of the dishes vary location to location. But you can be sure to find at least one thing you can eat.

A lot of the pasta dishes come in a cream sauce or pesto, but several of the meat choices are dairy-free. (The spaghetti and meatballs, orecchiete with Italian sausage and spaghetti and spicy sausage.) Just be sure to ask for no sprinkled cheese on top in order to make it dairy-free.

Several vegetarian pastas are also dairy-free (vegan). (The spaghetti algi e olio, capellini pomodoro, capellini primavera, spaghetti marinara, ziti vegetariano.) Just be sure to talk to your waiter about your needs.

Pastini Pastaria is not in any way compensating me for this blog post. This is an honest, enthusiastic review from a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, mushroom-free customer who was delighted to find an ITALIAN restaurant that served pasta dishes she could eat.


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