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Vegan Cheese Tortilla

Want a great anytime snack? Something not too big, something satisfying, something that calls to mind cheesy and bready goodness. Welcome to a great combo: Food for Life’s Brown Rice Tortillas are wheat and gluten free and Daiya Vegan Cheese is, well, vegan. I make this snack all the time. An afternoon snack, a midnight […]

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Salad Rolls

If you like Asian food (Thai, Chinese, whatever) you must have tried salad roles before. They can be expensive when you eat out–but these appetizers are super easy to make. Here’s how: Ingredients Rice spring roll wraps (in the store they are called Spring Roll Skins and look like this:) 1 package tofu, if desired […]

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Fish “Tacos”

  Credit for this recipe goes to my older sister, who’s been vegan since her high school days and only recently started eating fish again. She told me fish tacos are amazing, and tilapia is the best fish for the job. I’d never had tilapia before, but it tasted like other white fishes do (um, […]

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