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Wild Oregon Blackberry Mini Tart

Celebrate August with fresh and wild Oregon blackberries.

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Blackberry Cobbler

I know it’s late September. In fact, Thursday is the fall equinox (in case you were wondering). So, really, why am I posting about blackberries, that oh-so-succulent fruit of summer (especially in Oregon, where the Himalayan blackberry grows everywhere)? Answer: …I guess I don’t have an excuse. Unless you see this recipe as a last, […]

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Mixed Berry Pie

I baked this pie two weeks ago, at the very end of the raspberry season, the middle of the blueberry season, and the very beginning of the blackberry season here in Oregon. It was a lot of fun picking the berries–and even more fun baking this pie. The pie crust recipe comes from Cybele Pascal’s […]

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