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Curried Red Lentil and Kale Soup

Lentils and kale — a pair made in heaven

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Kale and Artichoke Soup

This recipe is one of my sisters, and it’s a real healthy comfort food type of thing. Kale, artichokes, beans–what more could you ask for? She used to make this for me when we both went to the University of Oregon and I’d stop by for dinner once a week. It’s simple and delicious. And, […]

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Kale with Pasta and Peanut Sauce

This is one of my older sister’s favorites. And includes a secret peanut sauce recipe. During my freshman year of college, when we both went to the UO, I’d go to her apartment every week and she’d cook me dinner and we’d watch Grey’s Anatomy (which I’ve stopped watching since it jumped the shark with […]

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Kale Chips

This is a healthy, delicious, and easy-to-make snack food. I was introduced to kale chips from a friend in my UO Urban Farm class this summer. She swore they were to die for, so naturally I had to make them and see for myself. Kale is a form of cabbage that doesn’t form a head […]

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