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Roasted Eggplant Soup with Mint and White Pepper

Try this creamy and dairy-free concoction as a soup or sauce.

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Shrimp, Fava Bean and Avocado Bruschetta

A great way to enjoy fava beans with a seafood twist, this fresh and light bruschetta makes a great appetizer or main dish.

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Pasta with peas, cream, parsley and mint

This recipe is an adaptation of one by Bon Appetit. Obviously, I didn’t use real heavy cream–the coconut variety served me well. When I made this I didn’t have enough parsley, and I used too many peas for my taste–but it still tasted great. I added some cherry tomatoes for some bright color and voila, […]

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Earthy Potatoes and Peas

I’m not normally one for peas — or, at least I didn’t used to be. Recently, however, the vegetable has been calling to me. A frozen bag can go a long way. Just toss a handful in with a homemade pasta sauce, or use to freshen up a basic potato dish like this. And pretty […]

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Lamb Chops with Mint Salsa Verde

So the other day, I was overwhelmed by food websites. A friend introduced me to Food Gawker, I salivated over Food Porn Daily, and I spent over an hour looking at Saveur.com‘s recipes. I could not wait to get the time, get to the store, and cook cook cook! In fact, I decided to take […]

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