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Allergies Have You in a Fog?

Photo from Allergy and Asthma Source blog. I was e-mailed a link to a blog post called Allergies Have You in a Fog? 25 Helpful Tips to Combat Allergy Season. There are tips for people with spring allergies, food allergies, asthma and more. There are links for what an allergy is, how to purify air, […]

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Restaurant Pasta: Pastini Pastaria

Pasta pasta pasta. Italian food was always a favorite of mine. And usually I steer clear of any Italian restaurants, since finding gluten-free dishes there is usually impossible. However, I’m happy to be wrong. I recently discovered the restaurant Pastini Pastaria, which serves gluten-free pasta (brown rice based) in two shapes, penne and spaghetti. I […]

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Restaurant Pizza

If you live in Oregon like me, you’ve probably been to either Eugene or Portland. As an alternative eater, I know firsthand that eating out can be a challenge. If you know me, you know I love pizza. Who doesn’t? Luckily, I’ve found a place in Eugene, and one in Portland, that offers both gluten-free […]

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